About Us

We believe competition makes the global economy more productive and more efficient, which enables companies to succeed long-term in the globally competitive marketplace.

We encourage our companies to focus on the future through prudent capital investment, R&D, new product marketing, talent development, improved operations and appropriate strategic acquisitions.

BAG is headquartered in London City with affiliate and/or advisory offices in the United States, Europe, Asia, New Zeland.

Examples of Attain Partnership possibilities:

  • Client Introductions: Have clients who would love Attain’s products? – Attain will sign a non-­‐compete and make ongoing payouts to registered domestic brokers and foreign brokers referring foreign clients, while taking as active or inactive a role as needed to assist clients in investing via trading systems and managed futures.

  • White Labeling Attain Data: Want advanced data on your website? – Attain can facilitate the creation of websites powered by Attain Capital and including our trading system, managed futures, and managed forex data.

  • System Execution: Need professional execution? – Attain can provide efficient, professional, cost effective operation of proprietary trading systems for CTAs, hedge funds, or individuals; including handling of give ups.

  • IB Services: Need a trading system presence? – Attain can operate trading systems for other IBs lacking the manpower or hardware to do it on their own, while guaranteeing client privacy.

  • Execution Services: Looking for better fills? – Attain refers CTAs to independent execution desks we have hand picked as providing the best possible execution; and gives access to various direct to exchange execution platforms.

  • Clearing Services: Need to lower your costs? – for IBs looking for a lower clearing rate, Attain can use its relationships with select FCMs to get your clearing costs dramatically lower.